Buying process:

  • Set up on home search and start viewing available properties that fit your lifestyle.
  • Set up appointment view homes.
  • Make an offer, negotiate the offer, get an accepted contract.
  • Send the accepted contract to the closing coordinator.
  • Wire earnest money to Secure Tile. Earnest money is typically between 1% to 5% of the purchase price. The terms are a negotiable item. 
  • Inspections: We have ten business days to complete any inspections you would like.
  • Submit (BINSR) Buyer Inspection Notice Seller Response to the seller if repairs or credit is requested.
  • Work with the closing coordinator for any additional items that might be needed (see below for a list of things).
  • If placing in LLC, you will need to establish an LLC and get all documents together for the closing coordinator (see below).
  • If you plan to rent the property or plan to live here most of the time, you should get your residency card (see below).
  • Conduct a final walkthrough approximately three days before closing.
  • Review settlement statements and wire required funds to the Secure Tile.
  • Meet at the closing coordinator to sign documents: Make sure you bring your passport, driver license, and residency card if you have it.
  • Receive keys
  • Welcome to Beach LIFE!

Items You Will Need to Provide Though the Closing Process:

  • Copies of driver's license.
  • Passport.
  •  Current utility bill of your resident in the US.
  • Residency card (If you have it).
  • Personal information sheet (basic info for the closing coordinator).
  • Beneficiary list. It is identifying who you would like to will the property too.

If placing the home in an LLC:

  • Please make sure that the LLC is for this property ONLY.
  • The address for the LLC is the same as your primary residency.
  • Once you have your LLC you will need to take the Certified copy of the Articles of Organization, The Certificate of Good Standing, and Resolution Statement (if you do not have your residency card). To the Secretary of State, office to have these documents Apostilled. An "apostille" is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate.
  • Get EIN# from IRS website at: 
  • VERY IMPORTANT print letter of proof of EIN at the completion of the process. You will need to provide this letter to the closing coordinator.
  • Open up a bank account in the LLC name. 
  • All funds must come from the LLC bank account.

Hand Shake Agreement